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Making Everyday Healthier

by | Apr 30, 2019 | Arctic Ingredients

Nearly all sorts of food can be fortified with Vesteraalens omega-3 fish oil, because of the unique freshness of the oil. This allows every day to be an omega-3 rich day – just by eating as normal.

“We have successfully fortified bread, juice blends and smoothies, chocolate, biscuits and spreads, amongst others with our omega-3 fish oil. To our knowledge, our omega-3 oil allows for the only true omega-3 functional food bread you will find on the market,” says Alexia Nys, Project Coordinator at Vesteraalens.

Vesteraalens currently collaborates with the Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen, to develop new omega-3 functional food applications in meat, mayonnaise, ice-cream and a raw fruit-nut bar.

“So far the results are very promising. It is our experience and expectation that with the right formulation, processing and packaging know how, in combination with the unique freshness and superior sensory quality of our omega-3 oil, many new functional food applications can be brought to the marketplace, says Alexia Nys.

Omega-3 fatty acids like EPA and DHA are essential building blocks of life, and key for regulating the functioning of all body cells. Therefore, adding omega-3 fish oil to food at a dosage level that allows for true functional foods, will provide consumers who are not ensuring an adequate omega-3 intake via dietary supplements a convenient and cost-effective “non-pill alternative”.

“When fortifying food products with omega-3s, it is Vesteraalens intention to offer the consumer a well-tasting way of intake of EPA and DHA. It is all about making every day healthier”.

Alexia Nys

Project Coordinator, Vesteraalens

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