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by | Apr 30, 2019 | Arctic Ingredients

Just like a top athlete would never compromise the chances of winning the Olympics by being poorly prepared, Vesteraalens is making no compromises in the production of its omega-3 oils.

At Vesteraalens we produce omega-3 fish oils with unique freshness, thus allowing the incorporation of our omega-3 fish oils into well-tasting sports nutrition products.  Our omega-3 fish oils are consumed by top athletes in many disciplines such as soccer, triathlon, cycling and cross-country skiing,” says Dr. Gerhard Kohn, Director of Research and Development at Vesteraalens.

The positive benefits of omega-3 are well-documented. Regardless of the level of activity, the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are essential for everyone as they are key for regulating the normal functioning of body cells.

“EPA and DHA are best known for their heart, vision and brain health benefits. Active individuals and athletes will in addition benefit from the potential of omega-3 fatty acids ability to decrease the inflammatory response to exercise, allowing a faster recovery by reducing the muscle soreness, and an improved endurance capacity,” Dr. Kohn says.

How do you avoid any fishy off notes that often are associated with consumption of omega-3 products?

“At Vesteraalens we produce our omega-3 fish oils from the freshest raw materials. Livers of the Arctic cod are sourced from local, and sustainable fisheries, and processed within hours after catch. Such sourcing and processing results in a unique freshness of the product showing superior sensory quality, and thereby allowing the incorporation into excellent tasting sports nutrition products.”

Dr. Gerhard Kohn

R&D Director

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