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Vesteraalens Arctic Ingredients

by | Feb 19, 2019 | Arctic Ingredients


Vesteraalens produces marine ingredients from the wonderful migrating cod, known as “Skrei”, which is solely caught during the winter. Ingredients received from the local fisheries are processed at our facilities in Sortland within a maximum of 12 – 24 hours after landing. The fisheries take place few kilometers from the coast, with small fishing vessels, allowing the fishermen to travel out 2-3 times a day.

This freshness of the material is the basis for being able to secure the high quality of our arctic ingredients. In addition to the freshness of our production, we can assure a consistent traceability throughout the entire value chain.


Sustainability has always been and continues to be the core essential of Vesteraalens business understanding. To assure this sustainability we are proud declare that all our material is from a network of MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified suppliers that ensures a documented sustainable harvesting of resources.

This comprehension of a sustainable marine business is also validated by Vesteraalens goal to use the entire fish in edible products and applications. In addition, all our products are manufactured with the minimum need of energy consumption and without the use of any artificial additives.

“With our business case, we are dependent on the vitality of the marine ecosystem, as our resources are completely natural. We therefore have an obligation to ensure its long term sustainable development. We do continue to put our main emphasis on sustainability and compliance with MSC is the main perquisites of achieving such”

Dr. Gerhard Kohn

R&D Director

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