England Athletics announces

new recovery drink partner

Sep 14, 2020 | Arctic Ingredients

Vesteraalens customer Enhanced Recovery is selected as England Athletics new recovery drink partner. Enhanced Recovery™ is a formulated scientific breakthrough recovery drink that combines the benefits of the highest quality stabilized, non-oxidized Omega3 fatty acids with other naturally occurring ingredients. Vesteraalens is a proud supplier of Omega-3 oils to Enhanced Recovery™.

Vesteraalens, R&D Director Dr. Gerhard Kohn comments;

“There is a trend towards high-dose omega 3 formulations in the market. One of the main driving markets for this is sports nutrition where top athletes want intake of 1500 mg or more per day. This need high sensory quality Omega-3 oils to make the consumption of this volume to a pleasant experience for the consumers. It also drives new product formats where the Enhanced Recovery™ product is a perfect example.”

Read the full story here: https://www.englandathletics.org/athletics-and-running/news/england-athletics-announces-new-recovery-drink-partner/

Dr. Gerhard Kohn

R&D Director

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