Vesteraalens Arctic Seafood Products

Vesteraalens Fishballs – Large size

Vesteraalens Fishballs – a norwegian icon for over 100 years.

Vesteraalens Fishballs are good and nutritious foods with a low fat content. The fishballs are always made from fresh haddock and cod, caught in clean cold seawater in the fishing fields outside Vesterålen. Vesteraalens fishballs are made from the same good recipe for over 100 years, and is a regular feature of many dinner tables in Norway.

Vesteraalens Soupballs

Vesteraalens soup bowls are made from fresh haddock and cod, caught in clean and cold seas, in the fishing fields outside Vesterålen, Lofoten and Senja. Fresh raw materials gives the natural taste of good quality fish, which Vesterålen is famous for. Vesteraalens soup bowls are carefully controlled by our own professionals.

Vesteraalens Natural Omega-3 Oil

Vesteraalens Natural Omega-3 oil is of the best quality and perfect for the demanding consumer.

Vesteraalens Omega-3 is a marine oil produced on fresh liver from Norwegian Arctic cod (Gadus morhua). The cod is caught in clean arctic waters near the coast of Vesterålen, Lofoten and Senja received by MSC certified fish receptions. Vesteraalens AS controls the raw materials from fish reception to finished end product. Vesteraalens has FOS and MSC certification, and is a member of GOED.

Vesteraalens Cod Loin Fillet

The firm flesh of Norwegian cod has a delicate white colour. Its characteristic flaky structure and mild taste makes it ideal for a wide variety of dishes. Norwegian cod is appreciated and enjoyed around the globe. It’s a national favourite in countries such as Spain, Germany, France, Sweden, UK, Portugal, Italy and Brazil.

Cod is a great choice for your health-conscious customers. It’s a lean, protein rich fish. It contains quantities of vitamin B12 and selenium, and a dinner-sized portion will cover a person’s daily intake of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Available formats: Consumer packed products to bulk.

Vesteraalens Haddock Loin Fillet

The haddock belongs to the cod family and has a delicate, lean flesh with good bonding ability. It is often used in processed ­fish and is one of the most common types of­ fish in the classic dish Fish and Chips.

Haddock has a firm consistency and a white colour to the flesh. The flesh is quite coarse and granular with a good bonding ability which makes it well suited for processed fish such as fish cakes. Haddock can also be fried, smoked, dried and boiled.

Available formats: Consumer packed products to bulk.

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