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Vesteraalens natural omega-3 oil has a neutral taste that enables functional pet food without any rancidity or off flavors!

DHA and EPA will have many of the same effects on animals as it has on humans. Chronic respiratory aiments, cognitive health, reproductive and immune deficiencies are conditions where these fatty acids can help. 

Same as with the importance of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA/DHA) in the human diet, omega-3 fatty acids are interesting in many respects for animals too. Animals will benefit from omega-3 fatty acids to promote cognitive function and development, and to manage inflammation, especially in the skin and joints. Additionally, animals active in sports will gain in overall performance enhancement.

More recently, similar scientific evidence now also evolves for the health benefits of Omega3-fatty acids (EPA/DHA) in companion animals (like cats, dogs, and others), that also suffer from age-related morbidities or pathologies of the skeletal system, of the joints, the blood system, and even brain function. In highly trained competition horses, who follow a rather intensive training regimen, often inflammatory stress symptoms in their musculo-skeletal system occur, which can have a strong impact on their performance. Unfortunately, horses tend to reject feed or supplement products containing EPA and DHA, due to high sensitivity to fishy off-flavour notes. Vesteraalens omega-3 fish oil is successfully applied and approved in nutritional formulations targeting race horses.

The importance of omega-3 fatty acid intake, as well as healthy balance between omega-6s and omega-3s, is reflected in the formulations for the pet food and animal feed markets. There is an additional tendency towards premium, well-tasting formulations that satisfy the demand of pet parents. At Vesteraalens, we offer omega-3 fish oil with a unique freshness and a superior sensory quality. Free of any oxidation and fishy off notes! This sensory quality is key given some animals are very sensible to rancidity and will refuse to consume lower quality products.

Now, in a number of feeding trials it could be proven, that Vesteraalens omega-3 fish oils offer the possibility to develop pet food and pet supplement products, which will be well accepted by horses and also companion animals due to excellent smell and taste characteristics, and which are functional towards balancing the omega3-status and prevent age and training-related morbidities.

However some pets are very sensible to rancidness and will refuse to consume low quality products. Vesteraalens Omega-3 oil has been testet against racehorses and other animals for both the willingness to consume and the health effects with very good results. If you are looking for a high quality ingredient for your next formulation do not hesitate to contact us.

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