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by | Feb 25, 2019 | Arctic Ingredients

Vesteraalens AS commitment is to bring sustainable and healthy foods to the world. We know that our omega-3 oil is of the best sensory quality out there.

This supplies us with the perfect conditions to be able to provide extraordinary functional foods with omega-3s, without any taste compromise! We are proud to have customer references that demonstrate the feasibility and success of fortifying various consumer products with our omega-3 oil.

One outstanding success story we are happy to share is the utilization of our oil into a bread for the Norwegian local market. Our customer was able to make a bread compliant with the EFSA health claims for Omega-3 without compromising taste. The greatest part of the story: This bread has become the best-selling product!

Consumers are now able to get the desired share of omega-3 fatty acids with their regular diet on an everyday basis.

Please have a look at the full video below:

This success is verified to be repeated in the area of dairy, chocolate, biscuits and spreads, where we also have a proven record of functionality. Even with the best quality starting material of omega-3s, we are aware of how sensitive these valuable fatty acids are. 

We know how to handle them with care and assure to support you formulating your desired application of our omega-3 marine oil, allowing you to develop both healthy and tasty functional food products.

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