Enable food applications for persons that are malnourished or undernourished.

Medical nutrition is a group of medical food products used under the supervision of health practitioners for the nutritional management of a condition or disease. Medical nutrition products can address a distinct nutritional requirement and provide adequate amounts of nutrients to the specific patient group.  

Ageing populations drive developments in medical nutrition, since many age-related conditions such as some forms of cancer, gastrointestinal diseases and various neuromuscular disorders require professional nutritional management. AIDS patients, individuals with severe anorexia nervosa and burn patients also profit from such nutritional intervention. Specific requirements for medical nutrition products are also derived from the growing group of people with metabolic disorders such as type 2 diabetes.

National Norwegian guidelines for the prevention and treatment of malnutrition refer to a survey of nutritional status in patients undergoing surgery in Oslo showed that 39% of patients were either moderately or seriously malnourished. A study at St. Olavs Hospital documented that two thirds of cancer patients admitted to the department of palliative care were malnourished. A prospective study of elderly patients over 70 at a medical department in Oslo showed that nearly 60% of patients were at risk of malnutrition when admitted.  Vesteraalens high quality omega-3 fish oil enables making tasty products without any off-flavor. Especially important for a group of consumers where a poor appetite is present.

Vesteraalens Omega-3 fish oil is used in medical nutrition products with documented effect through public studies.

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