Vesteraalens Arctic Ingredients


Vesteraalens Omega-3 Fish oil products are recognized all over the world for their unique sensory quality and are widely used as a functional ingredient in a number of food and dietary supplement applications.

Vesteraalens has developed tailored products for different application areas. These are grouped into product families. All products can be adjusted with addition of antioxidants, vitamins, and other lipophilic bioactive compounds based on customer requests.

The Vesteraalens Arctic Ingredients product families: 

Omega DS Oils

Vesteraalens DS Oils are suitable for use in dietary supplement products (like premium quality bottled supplement products, soft- and hard-gel capsules, and others).

Omega FF Oils

Omega FF Oils are suitable for use in functional food products (like sports nutrition, medical nutrition, infant and baby food, and others).

Vesteraalens Omega-3 Fish oils are certified by MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) and FOS (Friend of the Sea) for using a sustainable raw material. For full product catalog, fill out contact form.

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